15 Unique Engagement Rings | VRAI (2024)

15 Unique Engagement Rings | VRAI (1)

15 Unique Engagement Rings | VRAI (2)

Alicia Briggs | April 17, 2023

Alicia Briggs | April 17, 2023

When it comes to buying an engagement ring featuring VRAI created diamonds, many want a look that is as unique as their love story. Unique engagement rings are a wonderful choice for those with an untraditional love story or style. While it’s always wise to consider styles that will stand the test of time, unique engagement rings feature timeless designs and unique diamond shapes that truly stand apart. If you’re looking for an engagement ring that’s distinctive and makes a statement, read on to discover some of the top unique engagement rings and how to buy them.

Book an appointment with a VRAI Diamond Expert for guidance in choosing an engagement ring that could only suit you and your love.

What Makes An Engagement Ring Unique?

Unique or non-traditional engagement rings are designs that veer away from a classic solitaire engagement ring setting. This might look like a slight variation in the band, a contemporary setting, unique diamond shapes, or additional diamonds to maximize shine. Unique engagement rings are sure to garner attention and stand out from traditional designs.

Why Should You Choose A Unique Engagement Ring?

A unique engagement ring is not for everyone, or else it wouldn’t be considered unique. If you’re someone that prefers your style and jewelry to be bold, or you love to deviate from the norm, then a unique engagement ring may be perfect for you.

Who Can Wear A Unique Engagement Ring?

If you love a ring design, you can wear it, no matter how unique. The best engagement ring for you comes down to what you love and your style.

If you have more classic or traditional tastes, however, then chances are you won’t gravitate toward unique engagement rings, and therefore wouldn’t want to wear them.

Do Unique Engagement Rings Go Out Of Style?

Unique engagement rings can be bold, and may not suit certain styles, but they are the opposite of trendy. These designs should beautifully reflect your personal and timeless style, they aren’t dependent on fads that come and go.

All VRAI engagement ring designs, from traditional to unique, are modern yet timeless. They are meant to be worn and cherished for life, never going out of style.

Do Unique Engagement Rings Cost More Than Traditional Rings?

Unique engagement rings don’t necessarily cost more than traditional rings. Numerous factors determine the price of an engagement ring, starting with the diamond and its diamond grade.

The ring design will also determine the overall cost. Some unique designs are more diamond-forward, with intricate details that can add to the total cost. However, unique engagement rings often feature diamond shapes that don’t have as much demand or unique metal colors like rose gold. These details will cost less than traditional designs that feature classic diamond shapes or platinum bands.

If you’re looking for more affordable unique engagement rings, our diamond experts can help you select a ring design you truly love that still suits your budget.

What Unique Diamond Shapes Are Best For Non-traditional Engagement Rings?

While many diamond shapes came into existence centuries ago, certain cuts and shapes are relatively new and therefore less traditional. Princess, Radiant, and Trillion shaped diamonds all began to appear in engagement rings in the 1960s and 1970s.

These striking, thoroughly modern cuts continue to grow in popularity but they still appeal to those who veer away from traditional Round Brilliant or Emerald shaped diamonds.

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How to Choose Unique Diamond Shapes Cut for You

For those who want a truly unique diamond shape, consider one of our exclusive Cut for You VRAI created diamond shapes. Cut for You VRAI created diamonds feature numerous hard-to-find diamond shapes that are cut and polished specifically for you. This is a wonderful way to create an engagement ring that features a diamond shape few others have.

Book an appointment with our Diamond Experts to explore our full inventory of stunning Cut for You diamonds. You may find yourself drawn to a romantic Heart cut, geometric Hexagon cut, or one of our exclusive in-house shapes, only found at VRAI, below.

15 Unique Engagement Rings | VRAI (3)

The Graduated Band Fusion

15 Unique Engagement Rings | VRAI (4)

The Signature Bezel Cushion Princess

15 Unique Engagement Rings | VRAI (5)

The Floating Solitaire Regulus

What Ring Settings Are Popular For Unique Rings?

The beautiful thing about unique engagement rings is that they are just that - unique. While certain engagement ring settings may be popular, when paired with different diamond shapes and details they can create a distinctive design. The best ring setting for you will be the one that you love.

That being said, of all the settings featured below, the Toi et Moi, The Classic Hidden Halo, and The Signature V are consistently sought after, no matter the style.

Where Do You Buy Unique Engagement Rings?

The best way to find a unique engagement ring that’s right for you is to book an appointment with our diamond experts. They will personally guide you through our designs and assist you in finding a VRAI created diamond that truly stands apart.

Another way to find a unique engagement ring is to explore VRAI's ring settings on your own, on our website. Each setting can be customized to feature one of 31 lab created diamond shapes in four different metal colors. Use the filters on each product page to explore different looks that reflect your personal style

Why Should You Choose Lab-Grown Unique Engagement Rings?

A lab-grown diamond is perfect for a unique engagement ring as they deviate from traditional mined diamonds. A unique lab-grown diamond engagement ring will give you a one-of-a-kind diamond that beautifully represents your values and your taste.

VRAI created diamonds have no human or environmental toll. Every one of our lab-grown diamonds is grown in our zero-emission foundry with a guaranteed point of origin, unlike mined diamonds or other lab-grown diamond retailers. By choosing VRAI, your engagement ring can be a true reflection of who you are, and your love.

How Do You Design A Custom Unique Engagement Ring?

For those looking for a truly bespoke, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, creating a custom design ring is the best option. Our design experts can guide you through various options to make your setting stand apart from the rest.

Maybe you want to choose a truly unique diamond shape through our Cut for You process or bring your own design to life. Whatever your vision, they can assist you in creating a unique custom designed ring.

15 Top Unique Engagement Rings You Can Wear Every Day

The following looks stand apart and stand the test of time.

Vintage Unique Engagement Rings

Vintage-inspired rings or art deco rings often create a truly alluring and unique silhouette. These designs tend to be diamond forward, with a Halo setting, or feature fancy-shaped diamonds (perfect for those seeking Oval unique engagement rings). The designs below truly stand out yet their elegance creates an enduring design that can be passed down for generations.

1. The Duet Marquise

2. The Three Stone Oval

3. The Halo Dome Asscher

Simple Unique Engagement Rings

Unique engagement rings don’t have to be bold or unusual, they can simply be an updated twist on a classic design. The beauty is in the details. Whether that’s adding a Hidden halo, a slight change to a classic band, or contrasting metal colors, small updates can make a big difference in the overall look of a ring. For a subtle yet unique ring, opt for historic diamond shapes that are still less common than a Round Brilliant cut, such as unique Emerald cut engagement rings.

4. The Hidden Halo Emerald

5. The Twisted Classic Marquise

6. The Two Tone Trillion

Cut for You VRAI Created Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re seeking a truly distinctive engagement ring, embrace the most daring and dramatic designs with an equally daring diamond shape. Choose one of our Cut for You diamond shapes for a diamond that’s rarely featured in an engagement ring. You may love the symmetrical and shimmery Kite diamond, or the innovative and brilliant Harmonia cut, only found at VRAI. Go big by pairing these designs with pavé set diamonds, a Halo setting, or settings with untraditional bands.

Unique Gold Engagement Rings

A gold band adds timeless elegance to any ring design. For more traditional tastes, or to tone down even the boldest designs, like The Double Band, consider a classic yellow gold band. If you prefer linear diamond shapes and clean, modern settings like unique Bezel set engagement rings, a white gold band will highlight a contemporary look.

10. Single Shared Prong Trillion

11. The Double Band Radiant

12. The Hover Asscher

Rose Gold Unique Engagement Rings

One of the most unique metal colors for an engagement ring is rose gold. A rose gold engagement ring is ideal for those who are true romantics and prefer a ring that has a regal or vintage appearance. Rose gold suits most skin tones and looks particularly unique when paired with a diamond-forward design, such as the styles below. This combination will give your engagement ring an Art Deco or whimsical feel.

13. The Toi et Moi Emerald and Pear

14. The Floating Split Band Trillion

15. The Curator Princess

Unique Engagement Rings For Couples

If you’re seeking non-traditional matching couple rings, VRAI has numerous possibilities to choose from. You can pair your rings by choosing matching diamond shapes or metal colors. You can also choose one of our matching unique ring sets. Consider The Devotion and The Devotion Bandor The Baguette Bar and The Baguette Bar Band.

Unique Engagement Rings With Matching Wedding Bands

If you’d like to pair your engagement ring with your wedding ring, our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you choose a set that beautifully complements each other. Some of our most popular unique wedding bands that have matching engagement rings are the designs featured below as well as The Signature V Band.

The Curator Band

The Five Stone Halo Band

The Chevron Band


15 Unique Engagement Rings | VRAI (21)

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15 Unique Engagement Rings | VRAI (2024)


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