Abercrombie Sale: Save Up To 50% On Fall Staples (2024)

With cooler weather on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to stock up on sumptuous knits, classic jackets, cozy loungewear and other fall essentials. And fortunately, there’s an Abercrombie sale happening this week, so revamping your wardrobe won’t cost you a small fortune. The brand has experienced a resurgence since its recent rebranding (think less moose logos and more minimal, on-trend essentials), and right now you can score pieces at up to 50% off.

The Abercrombie sale is only live for a limited time—the brand hasn’t shared when it will end—so we recommend shopping sooner rather than later. Below, we’ve gathered the deals that you don’t want to miss.


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Best Abercrombie Women’s Deals At A Glance:

Best Abercrombie Men’s Deals At A Glance:

Our Abercrombie Sale Picks

These Vegan Leather Pants Are 20% Off

Vegan Leather 90s Straight Pant

Swapping your go-to jeans for a pair of leather pants is an easy way to elevate just about any outfit. This pair is 20% off and comes in four lengths: extra short, short, regular and long.

Take 30% Off This Transitional Midi Dress

Every wardrobe needs a reliable black dress. This one’s tiered skirt, textured fabric, plunging neckline, and mid-length sleeves make it an easy option for anyone to wear. Add a belt, jewels and some knee-high boots and you’ve got the perfect fall ‘fit.

This Essential Layer Is 30% Off

Ottoman Crew Tank

This knit tank is a layering essential that you’ll find yourself grabbing time and time again. Right now, its marked down to $42 instead of its typical $60.

Get These Best-Selling Jeans For 30% Off

Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean

Abercrombie’s Curve Love jeans have gone viral thanks to their amazing fit. They’re specifically designed to fit folks with a smaller waist and larger hips or thighs. Here’s your chance to try out a pair for 30% off. Psst: If you have a different body type, the standard version of these jeans is 30% off too.

Save 30% On This Minimal Top

Strapless Crepe Set Top

Transition into fall with this pretty little shoulder-baring top. Pair it with wide-leg trousers, pointed-toe booties, and a long coat and you’re good to go.

Save 24% On The Perfect Tailored Pant

Mid Rise Tailored Relaxed Straight Pant

If you’re heading into the office, you can’t go wrong with these flattering trousers. They can also easily be dressed down if your style’s a bit more casual.

This Cozy Fall Hoodie Is 30% Off

Abercrombie Women's Essential Sunday Hoodie

Abercrombie’s loungewear is some of the softest on the market, so why not pick up a hoodie (or three)? This one has a cropped, relaxed fit and comes in five colorways.

Feel Flirty This Fall With 25% Off This One-Shoulder Top

Sleek Seamless Fabric One-Shoulder Twist Top

Add a little interest to your look with this on-trend, twisted and asymmetrical top. Its seamless fabric makes the style all the more sleek and sophisticated.

Get A Classic Oxford Shirt For Half Price

Men's Performance Knit Oxford Shirt

This isn’t any old oxford shirt—it’s made from moisture-wicking, wrinkle-release performance fabric. Plus, you really can’t go wrong picking it up for half price.

Shop This Chunky Crew At 30% Off

Men's Textured Marled Crew Sweater

You won’t find many sweaters on sale this time of year, so you’ll want to snag this one while you can. Made from 100% cotton, this chunky, marled crew will keep you warm into autumn and beyond.

Take 40% Off This Detailed Polo Sweater

Men's Tipped Long-Sleeve 3-Button Sweater Polo

Let out your inner prep with Abercrombie’s long-sleeve polo sweater. The tipping details, banded cuffs and hem and three buttons are all make it look like it could cost upwards of $100—not $48.

Stock Up On Briefs At 30% Off

Men's 5-Pack A&F Performance Boxer Briefs

If you’ve been meaning to stock up some of those truly essential items, there’s no time like the present. At 30% off, this 5-pack of performance briefs comes down to under $9 per pair.

Snag A Linen Shirt For 20% Off

Men's Camp Collar Summer Linen-Blend Shirt

Summer’s winding down, but you don’t have to abandon your linen shirts just yet. You can easily layer the style under a jacket and rock it well into October or even November.

Abercrombie Sale: Save Up To 50% On Fall Staples (2024)


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