How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (2024)

Of all the floral arrangements at your wedding ceremony, few bear more significance than your bridal bouquet. Your bouquet is what you’ll hold close as you walk down the aisle, when all eyes are on you. It’s the ultimate chance to express yourself on your wedding day.

If you want to make this all-important floral arrangement even more unique, there’s no better way than to make your bouquet yourself. Making your bouquet yourself can allow you to feel connected to your design and make your wedding journey feel even more meaningful. It empowers you with the creative freedom to customize your wedding bouquet exactly the way you like it–down to the very last petal.

To make your wedding journey easier, here’s a tutorial on how to create your very own bridal bouquet using Ling’s moment flowers and greenery.

What you’ll need to DIY a wedding bouquet

  • 1 Ling's designer flower box
  • 1 Ling’s greenery spray
  • 2 sheer ribbons, approximately 1.5" wide and 4.5ft long
  • 1 satin ribbon
  • Green floral tubing
  • Floral wires
  • Floral tape
  • Scissor and Plier
  • Glue gun
  • Your creative spirit

This will create a bridal bouquet approximately 10” in diameter. If you’d like to create a larger bouquet, feel free to supplement with flowers from another box set, a greenery combo kit, or your favorite individual flowers. You can view more information about the number of flowers you’ll need for DIY floral arrangements here.

We used dusty rose flowers and a willow leaf spray to create our bridal bouquet, but you can use nearly any combination of Ling’s flowers and greenery sprays that you like for your design.

You have total freedom to customize your bouquet in harmony with your wedding theme and personal aesthetic.

How to make a DIY wedding bouquet

1. Prepare your flowers and greenery

Let’s begin by preparing the flowers and greenery for your design process.

First, remove the flowers from the box set and straighten their stems. Next, take your greenery spray and separate the branches. Your greenery leaves should radiate outwards from the center for a realistic effect.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (1)

Once your flowers and greenery are ready, you can begin creating your bouquet.

2. Insert flowers into your greenery

Now for the fun part–designing your bouquet!

Take flowers one by one and insert them into the greenery spray. Insert your flowers in a circular direction to create a globe-like shape. Try to insert larger flowers towards the center of your bouquet with smaller accent flowers around the edges. This can help draw the eye towards certain sections of your bouquet.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (2)

If you don’t like the way you placed a certain flower, you can always remove it and try it in a different spot. This is your chance to experiment! Keep going until you’ve added all your flowers to the bouquet.

Tip: Don’t insert the small ornamental pieces from your box set just yet. We’ll use those as a finishing touch.

3. Add depth and dimension

Now that you’ve assembled the main body of your bouquet, it’s time to perfect your design.

Pull certain flowers forward to create depth and dimension. This will help your bouquet look even more natural and full. Try to pull your focal point flowers forward to emphasize them more.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (3)

When you’re happy, add the ornamental pieces from your floral box set. Try placing the ornamental pieces near your focal point flowers. This can take your design to the next level and engage the eye even more.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (4)

4. Tie and trim the stems

Now that you’re happy with your bouquet’s design, let’s tidy up the stems. Tie a piece of wire around your stems to secure them, then trim the excess away with your wire cutters.

Some of your floral stems will be longer than others. Use your wire cutters to trim your stems so that they are all uniform in length. Make sure that you leave the stems long enough to comfortably hold your bouquet during your wedding, but not too long so they interfere with your wedding dress.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (5)

Tip: Try to use the shortest stems in your bouquet as a guideline when trimming. If they’re still not short enough, you can always trim off more.

5. Bundle the stems with green tubing

After trimming your stems, some pieces of wire might be exposed. To protect your hands while you walk down the aisle, let’s encase your stems with floral tubing. This will create a professional finish.

Take a piece of floral tubing and insert 2-3 of your stems inside. The goal is to cover up any stray wires and keep your bouquet neat and organized. Keep going until you’ve encased all the stems in your bouquet.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (6)

Tip: Don’t encase the stems all the way to the way to the base of the flowers and leaves. Try to go about ¾ of the way up. We’ll take care of the stray wires at the base of your bouquet with floral tape.

6. Secure the stems with floral tape

Now, let’s conceal the exposed wires near the base of your bouquet.

Wrap any remaining exposed stems with a layer of green floral tape. Start near where your floral tubing ends, then wrap the stems up to the base of your bouquet, where the flowers and greenery begin to branch out.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (7)

This will help your bouquet stay in place and protect your hands throughout your whole wedding day.

7. Hot glue the ribbon to create a handle

Now that your bouquet is neat and secure, let’s make a handle.

Take a satin ribbon in your choice of color and hot glue it around the base of your bouquet. This will create a “handle” and give your bouquet a polished finishing touch.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (8)

Tip: Use an opaque ribbon to hide the glue better. Sheer ribbons are better reserved for the next step.

8. Tie a ribbon around your bouquet

We’re nearly there! Your bouquet only needs one final touch to elevate the design. A wedding bouquet symbolizes happiness and satisfaction in marriage, while the ribbon symbolizes the fellowship between you and your partner. So, let’s add a ribbon in honor of you and your partner’s unbreakable bond.

Take 2 ribbons and tie a bow around your bouquet, near the handle. Leave a fair amount of excess to create a flowing, elegant effect.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (9)

We tied a bow with a single loop, but you can create multiple loops with your bouquet, although you might need a longer ribbon. You can also experiment with ribbons of different colors, or hot glue accents onto the middle of your bow. You have the freedom to add any other finishing touches you’d like at this point, making your bouquet truly your own.

All finished!

Congratulations, you’ve just created your very own custom bridal bouquet! This design you made with your own hands will hold a special place in your heart that you will treasure a lifetime.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (10)

Don’t want to arrange flowers yourself? Have a look at our Bridal Bouquet Collection. Our pre-made bridal bouquets come pre-arranged for you in timeless styles with color palettes inspired by the four seasons. It’s an elegant solution for brides short on time.

If you like, you can tag us on Instagram or Facebook to show off your new bouquet. We always love seeing the beautiful pieces that you make with our flowers and greenery. We’re honored to be a part of your wedding journey and all your special Ling moments!

How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (2024)


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