Practice Velocity EHR Software: Reviews, Pricing & Free Demo (2024)

What Is Practice Velocity Software?


Practice Velocity EHR, now known as Experity, is a comprehensive, cloud-based subscription platform. This all-in-one system offers quick and adaptable EMR, practice management, revenue management, and patient engagement functionalities. It empowers practices to efficiently register patients, instantly verify insurance eligibility, and facilitate split billing for their clients. This solution is tailor-made for urgent care medical settings, simplifying the delivery of on-demand services by removing complexity.

What Is Practice Velocity Software Best For?

Practice Velocity EHR software offers an excellent charting feature that simplifies and enhances medical documentation, allowing healthcare professionals to swiftly create detailed and accurate patient charts. With intuitive templates and customizable options, charting becomes a seamless and efficient task, reducing administrative burdens. The urgent care EMR also promotes improved patient care by ensuring that essential information is readily accessible.

Practice Velocity Software Pricing

Practice Velocity cost varies based on your organization's size, type and requirements. Contact us for personalized quote!

Practice Velocity Software Integrations

There is no information available about the third-party integrations of the software.

How Does Practice Velocity Software Work?

Here's how you can get started with the software after its successful installation:

  • Log in using your credentials
  • Create user accounts for the staff members and patients
  • Enter all relevant details and customize the EHR according to your practice's needs
  • Use the scheduler tab for managing appointments and select the desired time slot
  • Generate invoices and manage claims with the integrated medical billing system
  • Access and update patient information, records, and statements with ease
  • Utilize the teleradiolgy feature to save time, improve accuracy and satisfaction
  • Track trends and identify loopholes for effective practice management with reporting tools

If you still need help with the implementation process, schedule a free Practice Velocity Software demo.

Who Is Practice Velocity Software For?

The software is purposefully crafted to cater to the requirements of individual practitioners and small to midsize urgent care clinics. The following settings can use the EHR and practice management software:

  • Walk-in clinics
  • Specialty practices (pediatrics, occupational medicine, internal and family medicine)
  • Urgent care space
  • Long-term care practices

Practice Velocity Software Features

The urgent care EMR and practice management solution offers the following features:

  • Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Practice Velocity Software excels in billing and revenue cycle management, making it an indispensable tool in the urgent care market. The software streamlines the billing process, allowing for accurate and timely invoicing. It provides comprehensive support for claim processing, helping clinics maximize their reimbursem*nts. Its revenue cycle management tools help track revenue throughout the patient encounter, optimizing financial performance.

  • Appointment Scheduling

The software simplifies the scheduling process for an urgent care clinic, reducing wait times and ensuring an efficient workflow. The system's user-friendly interface allows for easy appointment booking and management. With features like automated reminders, it helps reduce no-shows and ensures optimal utilization of clinic resources.

  • Teleradiology

Teleradiology facilitates the seamless transmission of radiological images and reports, ensuring quick and accurate diagnoses. This feature enables remote access to critical imaging data, improving collaboration between healthcare professionals and radiologists. It expedites the interpretation of images and enhances patient care by delivering timely results.

  • Patient Portal

A secure portal lets patients access their medical records, lab results, and schedules easily. This improves patient engagement and reduces administrative workload for clinic staff by allowing patients to update personal information and fill out forms online. Patients appreciate the convenience, while clinics benefit from enhanced patient satisfaction and streamlined administrative processes.

  • E-Prescribing

E-prescribing allows physicians to electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies, enhancing patient safety and reducing errors. It also provides access to patients' medication history, enabling better-informed decisions about their healthcare. This feature integrates seamlessly with pharmacies and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Reporting Tools

Practice Velocity Software provides a comprehensive suite of reporting tools that allow healthcare professionals to analyze various aspects of their practice. These tools generate insights into patient demographics, revenue, appointment trends, and more. By leveraging data analytics, clinics can enhance operational efficiency and make strategic improvements.

Is Practice Velocity Software Right For You?

Are you an urgent care practice looking for an EHR and practice management tool that enhances patient engagement and automates tasks? Well then, Practice Velocity Software could be an ideal choice. The fast and flexible EMR solution reduces administrative burdens and allows clinicians to focus on what matters, that is, patient care.

With its comprehensive suite of features, Practice Velocity compactly and conveniently provides on-demand healthcare facilities. Simplified scheduling, billing, secure messaging, reporting, telehealth services and more. HIPAA compliance guarantees data privacy, and scalability allows the software to adapt to your growing practice's needs. Contact us at (315) 215-3447, and we will help you make an informed decision.

Practice Velocity Software Pricing Plans

Pricing of the software depends on the needs and size of your practice.

Practice Velocity EHR Software: Reviews, Pricing & Free Demo (2024)


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